11 male Australian comedians you need to check out

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Check out this list of hilarious male Aussie comics, and be sure to see them when they’re in a town near you!

1 – Carl Barron

This gent is too funny. He’s been around for decades now and is a true Aussie male hero for a reason. Impossible not to laugh.


2 – Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is one funny boy. His laconic style is loved by Aussie men all over the country.

Token-Dave Hughes108433 (2)

3 – Anh Do

Do is one of the best males in the game, hands down. Having been born in Vietnam, more recently a lot of his comedy is drawn from his experiences as a man having immigrated to Australia.


4 – Jim Jefferies

Some people may forget about this hilarious guy, because he spends so much time overseas. But make no mistake! He’ll give any other funny man in Australia a run for his money.


5 – Wil Anderson

Wil has been one of our hardest working male comedians for years, and he isn’t too hard on the eyes either!


6 – Brendon Burns

Brendon Burns is a fellow who may not be a household name, but of all the chaps in Australia doing comedy, he might have received the most acclaim. He even won the Edinburgh Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007 (he’s one of only two solo Australian male acts to ever win the award).


7 – Adam Hills

Hills is another bloke who’s making it huge in the United Kingdom. Also the host of the now kaput Spicks & Specks, Hills’ comedy hits particularly hard when he discusses life growing up as a male with a disability.


8 – Tim Minchin

This sexy man can sing up a storm. He’s best known for his clever songs and strong views on religion. Don’t mind if I do!


9 – Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is the ultimate comedy bad boy. He has also toured all over the globe and is one of our greatest male comedy exports.


10 – Frank Woodley

Silly man alert! Woodley, of course, rose to fame as part of the all male duo Lano & Woodley. Since then, he’s only continued to impress as a male solo act, with his hilarious, physical, male performances.


11 – Tom Gleeson

This is a man comedian whose star has risen more recently. Gleeson’s comedy mines his experiences having red hair and being a man. He’s gone from strength to strength since we first saw him as a funny man on Skithouse.


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