Asians ruining Australian school system with preparation, effort

This must stop.This must stop.

New data this week has revealed that Asian students are undermining Australia’s education system by preparing for exams and applying effort to their school work. According to the groundbreaking research, tests to qualify for selective schools are being dominated by students who study before the tests and, as a result, answer more of the questions in them correctly. White-Australian commentators have been quick to condemn this strange cultural trend as a dangerous threat to the Australian way. “It’s very disturbing,” complained one white parent, “these tests are important, there are only a limited number of selective schools. That’s why it can be so harmful when Asians practice the types of questions that are generally in the test. It gives them a massive advantage, and it threatens my son’s chances of getting in without trying.”

Prominent members of the white community have said that bizarre Asian traditions are endangering Australian values like larrikinism, relaxation and apathy. “It’s very frightening indeed,” another white parent reflected, “it’s about time Asian-Australians assimilate to normality. It’s time they stopped spending money on coaching and sample exam papers. The Australian dream is to pay tens of thousands of dollars to dress our children up in broad-brimmed hats and high socks and force them to play rugby. The only guidance we give them at home is a healthy sense of anti-intellectualism and a lack of respect for women. Anything other than that is a slap in the face to this beautiful country.”

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