Benevolent customer talks slowly for presumably foreign waitress

Glen at his intelligible best.Glen at his intelligible best.

Cafe customer Glen Rhodes spoke generously slowly this morning as he ordered his meal from a waitress who had presumably immigrated to Australia quite recently. Proceeding on the assumption that the cafe employee spoke English as a second or third language and would struggle with his elaborate request for a steak sandwich, the 45 year old made sure to elongate all his words so she at least had a small chance of understanding him.

Rhodes also made sure to speak much louder than usual and point at everything as he mentioned it, not only to communicate his order but also to put the clearly fresh off the boat staff member at ease. Topping off their exchange, the marketing executive remembered to welcome the table attendant to Australia before asking 8-10 questions about her ethnic background and country of origin. Rhodes was last seen paying the bill while he explained how much he enjoyed the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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