Boston Marathon runner waiting for appropriate time to mention his PB

Craig trained for months. (Photo: City of West Hollywood)Craig trained for months. (Photo: City of West Hollywood)

Casual distance runner Craig Mayfield bit his tongue again today despite being eager to mention his impressive time for this year’s Boston Marathon. Mayfield put in months of preparation for what was his third attempt at running the 42km course and recorded a significantly faster personal best. However, in light of terrorist acts inflicted on the event, the Boston native was forced to be  respectful and solemn in place of what would usually involve weeks of gloating.

“It’s pretty disappointing,” Mayfield complained, “ordinarily when you do a marathon people go on about how incredible you are for a good fortnight. But now if I tell anyone how hard I smashed that run, suddenly I’m the asshole.” The 31 year old considered slipping his achievement into conversation at a family lunch on the weekend, given the crime’s primary suspect had been apprehended, but he decided against it at the last minute. “I’ll give it another week I reckon,” he said, “you can never be too careful. The focus is still very much on the bombing, and not so much on the enviable improvements I’ve made to my form.”

Despite his tact, Mayfield was adamant that his personal victory should eventually be communicated to friends and coworkers. “I’m gonna let people know one way or another,” he insisted, “otherwise the terrorists win. I paid $350 for orthotics, I deserve something.”

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