Boy who’s confused ‘diorama’ and ‘diarrhea’ presents world’s saddest show and tell

Ben fundamentally misunderstands the task ahead of him. (Photo: theloushe)Ben fundamentally misunderstands the task ahead of him. (Photo: theloushe)

In a truly tragic mix-up, Riverwood Primary School student Ben Claude presented to his class yesterday what can only be described as the saddest show and tell in living memory. Holding up a box of his own faeces, the bewildered child began an arduous explanation which quickly exposed his hopeless grasp of the brief given to him by his teacher and the messy evidence of a potentially quite serious case of gastroenteritis.

The sorry spectacle only worsened when the boy’s teacher, Ms Granger, attempted to explain the honest but unforgivable mistake her pupil had made. Shortly after the short-sighted Granger described a diorama as “a box placed on its side”, the class reportedly watched in horror as the already befuddled 10-year-old complied with his new instructions to disastrous effect. Riverwood Primary School has put its show and tell program temporarily on hold.

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