Gillard wears groovy glasses, makes some sort of announcement

Gillard's glasses (left) and Gillard (right). (Photo: Ray Strange)Gillard's glasses (left) and Gillard (right). (Photo: Ray Strange)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard wore a fashionable set of eyeglasses this afternoon during a national announcement of some description. Presumably there to communicate something important to the Australian public, the PM was more notably sporting spectacles that resembled a style popular with young people. During her speech, Gillard’s glasses seemed to serve their purpose very effectively. They looked to sit comfortably on her nose and were consistently positioned so that her eyes could see through them.

The Prime Minister’s speech about something or other seemed to go off without a hitch, no doubt thanks to the enhanced vision and ‘style power’ her glasses provided. Following Gillard’s appearance, members of the audience were quick to applaud the performance. “Those glasses really nailed it,” said one professional political journalist, “the way they helped Julia read those notes during the bit where she talked? Flawless.”

Not all journalists in attendance, however, were focused solely on the Prime Minister’s style of eyewear. News Limited journalist Frank Brooks, for instance, thought the important story lay elsewhere. “Her hair seemed like it was less red,” Brooks insisted, “I was right up the front and I swear to God it looks like she’s had a haircut recently.”

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