Gillian Triggs looking forward to “frankly, ******* loose” gap year

Gill gears upGill gears up

Having been informed of her impending unemployment, Human Rights Commissioner Prof. Gillian Triggs is reportedly planning a holiday to South America.

“Fine, if this country doesn’t appreciate my efforts to stop them being literal criminals – I’m going to book a three-month Wild Rover itinerary and rail bags off a 20-year-old’s rig,” the former ballerina and renowned international lawyer reportedly stated.

According to sources in the Commissioner’s office, Triggs says she intends to hit the biggest tourist attractions the continent has to offer, including paying USD 120 for a bunk in Rio during Carnivale, and getting a train to Machu Picchu with a splitting hangover before telling everyone she did the Inca Trail.

“**** these ********, ***** fucking *****”, she continued.

It is believed that the trip will culminate with a month-long stay in Colombia.

“I’ve always loved skiing”, the nation’s foremost authority on human rights law is said to have stated. When informed that Colombia has no notable ski-fields of any kind, Triggs deliberately winked six or seven times, and then a further three times.

“Nah you get it.”


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