How can I forgive my dog for never having watched The Wire?

The beginning of the end?The beginning of the end?

It’s true. My Pomeranian poodle cross, Dr Sniff, has never once watched The Wire. Not one episode. He’s 42 years old (in dog years) and I’m starting to think if he’s not interested now, he never will be.

I didn’t think I’d ever have to ask this, but can I live with someone who hasn’t seen the best TV show of all time? Worse than that, someone who isn’t even interested in giving it a try?

It’s not like he’s busy. I understand the show can seem inaccessible at first, but come on. Even my parents watched the first series with subtitles. He’s also probably heard a lot of people gushing about the series, so he’s bound to go in with a cynical attitude. But that’s no excuse! Every critic in the world can’t be wrong. No matter how adorable he looks in a sweater, he isn’t above the seminal, episodic drama of the modern age.

He’d enjoy the show if he just trusted me, and that’s what hurts the most. I shouldn’t have to bribe him with snacks, Michael K Williams’ performance alone is a treat.

A man’s best friend should respect his interests, and Dr Sniff has let me down.

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