Kyle Sandilands leaves 2Day FM to spend more time with Kyle Sandilands

Sandilands hanging out with his favourite guy.Sandilands hanging out with his favourite guy.

News emerged this morning that 2Day FM’s Kyle Sandilands will soon be leaving morning radio to focus on his true passion of Kyle Sandilands. Together with Jackie O, the pair have topped FM ratings for over ten years with their unique combination of irreverent humour and celebrity interviews. But when contract negotiations with management faltered, Sandilands jumped at the opportunity to pursue his more Sandilands-based goals.

“All good things come to an end, even for Kyle Sandilands,” said Kyle Sandilands, “Jackie and I have had a great run but every career has twists and turns. Now it’s a time in my life where I can finally take up personal hobbies like Kyle Sandilands.” Kyle expressed fondness looking back at his work with O, noting in particular his affection for the Sandilands portion of the partnership. “My new path is by no means supposed to demean the role Kyle Sandilands has already played in my career thus far,” explained Sandilands, “it’s at times like these when you can reflect on what’s truly important to you, and for me that’s Kyle Sandilands.” At press time, Jackie O was heard unconvincingly feigning shock at Sandliands’ comments.

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