Local Thai food nothing like in Bangkok reveals wanker

Emily says most people in Thailand don't even use menus. (Photo: heliosphan)Emily says most people in Thailand don't even use menus. (Photo: heliosphan)

Australian national Emily Moore declared yesterday that the Pad Thai in a local restaurant paled in comparison to the meals she’d had in Bangkok. While out with 3 friends, the 27-year-old had suggested Thai food as she wanted to relive last year’s visit to Thailand. Moore’s enthusiasm turned, however, when she insisted that cuisine in the homeland tasted markedly different from how it was served in Australia.

“You can really taste how it’s geared towards a Western palette,” the wanker explained, “having lived there for one and a half months, you really start to appreciate the changes that are made here for us Westerners.” Moore went on to detail how the difference had affected her. “It just tastes bland now,” she deplored, “after experiencing the raw, authentic spices in the mother country, it’s hard to get back into the watered down version.”

After the meal, Moore’s 3 friends admitted that the dinner chat had been fascinating and they really felt lucky to be in the presence of someone who had been overseas once. “What a character,” said friend Shirley Stewart, “I love spending time with mates who tell me how things I enjoy are inferior and talk down to me about their pretty standard experiences.” Another dinner attendee Olivia Campbell firmly agreed. “I was promoted at work last week and I’ve started dating this new guy, but I didn’t want to talk about that anyway. I adored hearing about how Emily’s trip 9 months ago totally changed her and how different the two cultures were.”

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