Middle-aged straight people really wrestling with whether to allow gay marriage

Janet is struggling with this one. (Photo: Q and A)Janet is struggling with this one. (Photo: Q and A)

News emerged last night that another middle-aged straight person is still heroically battling with the issue of gay marriage. Conservative writer Janet Albrechtsen revealed on panel program Q & A that marriage equality was something she “wrestled with”, in another troubling example of how tough it can be for straight people to mull over issues of equality that don’t affect them. The revelation came just hours after reports that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is engaged in a similar crusade, recently having made “very small shifts” towards considering allowing gay marriage.

These are just two instances of what’s being described as a growing and unspoken phenomenon observed within Australia’s straight community. “A lot of the focus has been on the plight of gay people,” explained political analyst Anna Reed, “the debate has completely zoned in on the current lack of recognition afforded to homosexual relationships. What we don’t hear about, however, are the millions of straight Australians who are battling hard every day, vigorously contemplating whether gay unions should be a priority. What of their hardships?” Reed told of countless surveys which explored this great quandary faced by heterosexuals; whether to acknowledge gay unions as being equivalent to their own.

“We just need some time to really get stuck in and give it a good ponder,” argued local voter Bill Hoffen, “you can’t rush into these things, you see, given all that it would mean to a specific section of the community and the imperceptible effect it would have on anyone outside that community. However, I can assure you that I have been knuckling down recently and I will get back to you after a bit more top quality ruminating. It’s tough though, really back and forth, there’s just so much to consider.”

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