Politician admits upcoming election probably not an important one

Mark Hannity - not essential. (Photo: Andrew Feinberg)Mark Hannity - not essential. (Photo: Andrew Feinberg)

Labor member Mark Hannity conceded yesterday that put in historical context his bid for a Federal seat was probably not a big deal. This statement comes after Hannity’s main opponent, Liberal Melissa Healey, announced last week that the contest was set to be the most critical decision the electorate’s made in decades.

“This upcoming election has, at the very most, the average amount of importance,” Hannity retorted, “nothing seems particularly decisive or special about this one.” The Labor nominee was careful though to assure voters his statements didn’t mean he was taking his run for office lightly. “Of course I’d like the victory,”  he stated, “but I’m sure Melissa would do a great job as well.”

“This is a win-win situation for everybody,” Hannity said, “so you can all relax, this isn’t nearly as serious as a lot of other elections have been in the past.”

The easy going electioneer was also keen to downgrade the usual furore come Election Day. “I’m asking most local Labor members to take the day off, spend it with your family or go see a movie,” he offered, “I hear Django Unchained is really good. Please still vote for me, or by all means for Melissa, but there’s no use wasting your whole day pestering people when both candidates are so totally and equally qualified.”

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