Rhonda contracts AIDS from Ketut, not covered by AAMI travel insurance

Ketut & Rhonda pre-diagnosis. (Photo: news.com.au)Ketut & Rhonda pre-diagnosis. (Photo: news.com.au)

The face of AAMI has had her own travel insurance claim knocked back after contracting HIV on a recent trip to Bali. It is understood that Rhonda picked up the virus from resort employee Ketut during a sexual liaison. Sources close to Rhonda say she is currently bedridden with a high fever and describe her condition as hot, not unlike a sunrise. “She has been deeply distressed since the diagnosis, which has only been exacerbated by AAMI’s lack of financial support,” the source said.

AAMI Insurance spokesperson Helen Pratchett explained that the company’s policy was only to reimburse overseas medical expenses where they were ‘reasonable’. “As sad as it is, Rhonda is not devoid of blame and as per our policy we cannot pay for her treatment.” Pratchett admitted that the decision seemed callous but insisted it was out of their hands. “Ketut is the real bad guy here, not us.”

HIV specialist Dr Francis Watkins said that the virus was commonly contracted overseas, where the intoxicating holiday spirit can often lead to unprotected sex. “I urge women like Rhonda to always use a condom, just in case,” Dr Watkins stressed, “men like Ketut may seem charming and harmless at first, but clearly you can never be sure.”

Ketut – At large.

The acting director of the Puri Sunia Resort where Rhonda stayed insisted it was not the norm for employees to engage sexually with guests. “This is completely out of character for our resort and Ketut will be reprimanded immediately,” Gusti Ngurah assured. And sanctions for Ketut may not end there. Indonesian criminal law details that having unprotected sex without disclosing a known STI carries with it a 3 year prison penalty. Local police officials believe that Ketut knew he had the HIV, and even suspect that his constant insistence that Rhonda keep her “eyes on the road” may have been designed to distract her from using contraception.

Ketut’s whereabouts are currently unknown and he could not be reached for comment.

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