The only reason I’ll ever turn a calculator upside down is to show my teacher the answer

No, I don't think boobs are funnyNo, I don't think boobs are funny

Don’t worry, I get it. Type 5-8-0-0-8 on a calculator, spin it around, and you’ll be looking at the word for female breasts. Ha. Ha. Ha. I suppose that’s the kind of thing kids are into these days. Colour me unimpressed though, I’m here to learn.

Even if I was in the mood for jokes, which I’m not, this joke doesn’t make sense. You show me a word for a part of the body, on a device that’s not supposed to show words, and I’m supposed to backflip out of my chair? I have a graphics calculator. I can type all sorts of fucked up shit on there. “Dick”, “anus”, whatever you want. Yet you type some numbers that look vaguely like a lame word for breasts and you’re rolling around on the floor. The eight doesn’t even look like a B. The eight looks more like a set of tits than it does a B, but I’m sure the irony is lost on you. You make me sick.

And why do you little worms go to the trouble of turning the calculator upside down? Why not just type in 8-0-0-8-5 if this makes you so happy. Is turning it around your “big reveal”? Does it make you feel smart when you flip it over? Do you think in your head “ta da”? You’re fucking nitwits the lot of you.

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