This man won’t leave Pottermore headquarters until they explain why his Patronus is just him with a hat on

Liam (left) and his patronus (right)Liam (left) and his patronus (right)

Liam Rodriguez wants answers. It was only 3 weeks ago when he decided to ‘Discover his Patronus’ on the Pottermore website, but now that feels like a distant memory. Pottermore is an online community dedicated to J.K. Rowling’s world famous Harry Potter book series and it encourages users to answer a series of questions to find out their ‘patronus’. Rodriguez, 21, had seen friends doing the quiz, and boasting that their patronuses were hawks, snakes and even stags (the patronus of Harry Potter). Naturally, Liam wondered what form his patronus would take, and eventually logged on to find out. He says that at the time he’d hoped his patronus would also be a fierce or majestic animal.

You can imagine his disappointment, then, when Liam completed the Pottermore quiz and discovered that his patronus was himself, but in a hat. It was certainly not the kind of patronus he was expecting, based on his conversations with his friends and his understanding of the Harry Potter novels. Liam was furious, and blamed the Pottermore organisation. “It’s indefensible,” he told us, “the patronus is meant to be magical. It’s meant to represent a spirit within you, to be an emblem of your essence as a human being. According to, my spiritual essence is a version of me who wears a dorky hat.”

Liam took to the Sydney Pottermore offices in protest, and has vowed to camp outside until his patronus is changed, or he’s at least given an explanation. Due to the summer weather, Liam has been wearing a hat while he waits for an official response, but he swears he doesn’t usually wear one.

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