This man won’t leave Pottermore headquarters until they explain why his Patronus is just him with a hat on

Liam (left) and his patronus (right)Liam (left) and his patronus (right)

Liam Rodriguez wants answers. It was 3 weeks ago when he decided to ‘Discover his Patronus’ on the Pottermore website. Liam says he hans’t been the same since. Rodriguez, 21, had seen his friends visit a popular quiz on the Harry Potter fan-site Pottermore – their patronuses were hawks, snakes and even one stag. Naturally, Liam wondered what form his patronus would take, and logged on to find out.

At the time Liam had hoped his patronus would take the form of a fierce or majestic animal. When he completed the Pottermore quiz, he discovered that his patronus was himself, in a hat. Liam told us he was furious, and blames the Pottermore organisation. “It’s indefensible, the patronus is meant to be magical. It’s meant to represent a spirit within you, an emblem of your essence as a human being. According to, my spiritual essence is just me again but wearing a dorky hat.”

Liam has taken to the Sydney Pottermore offices in protest, and vowed to camp outside until his patronus is changed. Due to the hot, summer weather, Liam has been wearing a hat throughout the protest, but he insists he doesn’t usually wear one.

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