TV show ‘Girls’ still completely ignores midget community

Lena Dunham - Midget ignorer. (Photo: Fortune Live Media)Lena Dunham - Midget ignorer. (Photo: Fortune Live Media)

HBO program Girls run by writer and actress Lena Dunham was trashed by critics yesterday for neglecting to depict any Little People. The show, currently in its second season, is centred around four white women in their mid-twenties living in New York City. While last year some reviewers slammed Girls for featuring too few African-Americans, midway through the second season some black people have formed a part of the show. However, critics are noting that there has still been no mention or inclusion of anyone shorter than 4’10.

“It really is disappointing,” said TV journalist Madlen Frost, “once you address issues like gender and relationships, you tacitly agree to cover all the other issues that are relevant within a city, and Girls has failed with that responsibility.” Frost also explained why Dunham’s  HBO comedy was unique in its duty to cover all bases. “Two and a Half Men doesn’t deal with any real life issues, so they don’t have to include any midgets. Girls is a bit more true to life so now they have to have everyone in it.”

Spokesperson for North American Little People, Gerald Henderson, confirmed that there were many Little People in New York but none in the show. “I would like to see all aspects of all people in this specific show,” he insisted, “I am white, so that’s good. That’s in there heaps. But I’d love to see more short people, a few more men, and some people that play World of Warcraft.  I love World of Warcraft.”

While the lack of midgets in the otherwise critically acclaimed series has caused the biggest furor, other negative reviews mentioned the show’s failure to acknowledge the War in Afghanistan, New York’s flailing subway system and KFC’s Double Down Burger.

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