Woman gives birth to guaranteed 200 likes

One very proud social networker.One very proud social networker.

Local woman Rebecca Johnson gave birth to a beautiful and healthy minimum of 200 Facebook likes yesterday morning. The 28 year old endured a day-long labour with her husband Craig by her side, in what became a tough but justified effort when the potential to reach up to 500 likes was born bright-eyed and full of life. This exciting milestone for the Johnson family comes just a year and a half after Craig’s extravagant engagement proposal only hit 188 likes on the popular social media website. After that, a child was really the only recourse left. “I’m so proud of her”, Craig swooned at the hospital, hunched over his iPad, “we’ve been planning this for a long time. We’ve read all the literature, and even got some professional help so we knew we were fully prepared. As you can see, we’re already up to 45 or so likes after 10 minutes, so we’re over the moon right now.” Rebecca was last seen tearing up as the number of likes quickly passed into triple digits, “it’s a miracle” she mouthed to her husband. The happy couple have high hopes that their newborn will go on to achieve many more likes in the coming years.

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